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So you’re interested in natural healing? That’s good.  Times are changing and the more self-sufficient you can become, especially when it comes to health care, the better.  There are many options out there for learning natural healing and herbal remedies.  I want to introduce you to what I think is the best option, The School of Natural Healing.

I created this site simply to give you a no-hype review of Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing.  By “no-hype” I do not mean unbiased.  I am obviously biased in favor of the School of Natural Healing.   No-hype just means I’ll tell it like it really is.  In the videos and text below I’ll tell you the good, the not-so-good, and let you know what to expect when you enroll.

If you feel the School of Natural Healing is for you, go ahead and click the graphic on the upper right of the page that says “Take Control of Your Health Care Naturally.”  That will take you to their sales page where you can enroll in the first course, The Family Herbalist (Level 100). (That is my affiliate link and I will benefit financially if you enroll through that link.  Just thought that in the spirit of no-hype and openness you should know.)  By using that link you will also save $100 off the regular online price for the course.  So it’s good for both of us.

If, however, you feel the School of Natural Healing is not for you, continue on your way surfing about the internet.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

If you like your information visually play these videos.  No reason to keep reading, you’ll watch it all here.  If you like to read, continue on below the video, I’ve written it all out for you as well.


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Peek Inside the Course

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Pros and Cons

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Brief History and Purpose:

The School of Natural Healing was founded in 1953 by Dr. John R. Christopher.  Dr. Christopher was the premier herbalist in the United States during his time.  He is still widely regarded as one of the foremost experts in the field of Natural Healing and herbal studies.

When Dr. Christopher passed away in 1983 his son, David Christopher, took over the day-to-day operations of the School of Natural Healing and continues in the role of president today.  David is himself an accomplished Master Herbalist and travels the world lecturing and speaking about Natural Healing and herbs.

The purpose of the School of Natural Healing is to teach regular people how to use herbs and alternative healing methods to take full control over their own and their family’s health care situation.  By learning this information it is possible to be completely independent of the medical establishment except perhaps in the rare cases of acute injury or accident.  The School of Natural Healing does not diminish the role of doctors or say that traditional medicine is unnecessary.  It does state that as a society we have become way too dependent on doctors and traditional medicine.  The unfortunate trend in society over the last 75 years is that people have become entirely reliant on traditional medicine to the point that they take almost no responsibility at all for their own health.

With some basic knowledge of herbs and natural healing methods you regain that control and responsibility for your own health.  Most of the remedies discussed through the school courses are very easy, very quick, very inexpensive and very effective.  In fact, you probably already have many of the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard.

The Pros:

Customer support is excellent.  If you have to call in you will most likely speak with Doreen, Yvonne, or Mishelle.  I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with each of them at one time or another and they have been great.  They are all Master Herbalists themselves and they really know their stuff.  They are friendly, kind, and extremely helpful.

The information is amazing!  I’ve come to believe that if everyone knew this information, the entire health care debate we’ve had in the USA over the past few years would not exist.  The costs of health care would dramatically plummet, the quality would dramatically rise, and the overall health of the nation would dramatically improve.  This information empowers you to become your own primary health care provider.

The course is easy to work through.  It is well laid out and the online format is pretty easy to use (see below in the “Cons” section for my only gripe about this).  It allows you to work through at your own pace and at whatever time is convenient for you.

Price.  For the amount and quality of information provided I would have expected to pay far more.  It’s not the cheapest course I’ve come across online, but it is the best value for the money I have seen yet.  Some of the cheaper courses seemed to be okay, but had nowhere near the quality and quantity of information that The School of Natural Healing provides.  However, the same can be said of some of the far more expensive courses too.  It really is a fantastic value.  Especially if you purchase through the link and save yourself $100.

Savings.  My family has literally saved thousands of dollars in medical expenses we never had to pay because we were able to take care of things ourselves at home.

The Cons:

The online course is set up through Moodle.  Moodle is an open source education delivery system used by quite a few educational institutions.  For the most part it works really well and is pretty easy to use.  Every once in awhile, though, it is a little glitchy and acts up.  I’ve had occasional problems downloading some of the assignments and study materials.  It also seems to prefer different internet browsers on different days.  I’ve had a couple times where Internet Explorer worked great one day, but the next it had problems and I had to use Firefox.  The same has happened with Firefox and Chrome and I’ve had to switch to a different browser on that day.  Of course, this isn’t even The School of Natural Healing’s fault, since they didn’t create the Moodle program.  Other than being a minor annoyance on occasion, it works really well most of the time.

The sales page.  I’ve had a couple people I’ve referred tell me they were turned off by the sales page the School is using.  I do quite a bit of work online so it didn’t bother me at all.  It is a pretty standard sales page, the kind you see all over the internet.  However, some have found it kind of pitchy or infomercially (I don’t think that is even a real word).  If you’re not keen on that, don’t let it dissuade you from the School of Natural Healing.  The School is legit, and the information is totally worth it.

Time.  It does require that you set aside time to get your studies and assignments done.  Of course, no one should be surprised by this.  They give you 3 months to complete the Family Herbalist (Level 100) course, which would be plenty of time if you consistently worked on it every week.  I think if you did about an hour a day, four or five days a week, you could easily complete the course in less than a month.  I, however, was not consistent at setting aside the time to do the studies and I had trouble completing it in the allotted 3 months.  Thankfully you can buy extensions if you need to.

My Experience:

I’m very grateful that my wife learned this information several years ago and has been using it for our entire marriage.  I have started studying this information for myself relatively recently.  So far I have already used several of the remedies I’ve learned just in the first level with great success.

I have three children ages 9, 7, and 4.  They have never been to the doctor’s for any type of illness.  Not once!  I compare that to my friends and neighbors who seem to be taking their children to the doctor’s office all the time.  That alone has probably saved us THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in medical expenses that we never had to pay.  With the knowledge my wife has (and I am gaining) we have been able to take care of everything that has come up right at home.

I cut my thumb with a saw pretty badly several months ago while trimming a tree in my yard.  It was sliced very deep, probably clear to the tendon.  I ran into the house with blood gushing and found our cayenne pepper in the kitchen.  I packed the wound with cayenne pepper, then mixed some of it in a glass of water and drank it.  And the bleeding stopped.  Fast.  Literally within just a minute or so the bleeding completely stopped and there was no pain.

Over the next few weeks I took several capsules daily of Bone Flesh and Cartilage formula and packed the wound full of Complete Tissue and Bone ointment under a bandage.  I watched in amazement as the wound completely healed from the bottom up.

Now, several months later, my thumb looks and feels great.  There is only a minor scar but even that is fading as I continue to use the herbs on it.  The way it is progressing I bet that eventually there will not be any evidence at all that I ever had the cut.

No emergency room visit.  No stitches.  No prescriptions.  No medical bills.  I learned it all from the School of Natural Healing and it worked wonderfully well.

Total cost of this injury?  About $18.00 for bandages and maybe $35.00 worth of herbs.  (We already had the herbs at home so we didn’t buy anything new.  I’m guessing that’s about how much I consumed over the few weeks of taking care of it.)

Total cost if I had done what everyone else does?  Probably somewhere between $500 and $1,000 for the emergency room visit, the stitches, the antibiotics, the pain meds, the follow up doctor’s visits etc.  And I feel I may be underestimating a bit there.  It’s been so long since I have been to a doctor’s office I don’t know what things like this cost anymore. :-D

That single event alone more than paid for my School of Natural Healing course!

The Final Verdict:

Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing is well worth the cost of enrolling.  It is well worth the time you will spend studying and learning the material.  The information will literally change your life.

Obviously I highly recommend the School of Natural Healing.  I’ve benefited tremendously and I know you will too.  I hope this review has been helpful.  Now start benefiting yourself and your family and enroll in The School of Natural Healing!

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